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Every other month, we will randomly select a written testimonial winner for a prize of £150, and a video testimonial winner for a prize of £400!
You must discuss the Oxbridge Application Accelerator Toolkit, the Oxbridge Interview Mastery Programme, and/or the Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course in order for your entry to count. Additional guides/add-on purchases like the Research Proposal Power-Pack or the OSSC Implementation Tracker are welcome to be discussed too, but will not count as an entry on their own.

The more courses/guides you discuss in your video testimonial, the higher number of entries you will receive towards that round’s drawing!


A testimonial for one of my courses counts as 1 entry. If your testimonial includes your feedback about more than one of my courses or guides, you will receive the number of entries equivalent to the number of courses you provide feedback for. For example, if your testimonial inludes feedback for both the Toolkit and the OSSC, this will count as 2 entries. If your video includes feedback for all 3 of my courses, or you upload 3 separate videos with feedback for each of these 3 courses, then you will receive 3 entries for this month's drawing.
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If you win the bi-monthly (every two months) drawing, we will contact you directly asking for your bank details so that your prize can be sent to you!

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