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  1. Claire!
    Thank you! Approaching supervisors is kind of a major concern of mine, and this definitely helped.
    If it’s possible, I’d love to know more about how to answer Cambridge’s personal development questionnaire and Oxford’s question’s they ask in lieu of a CV. I’ve not even attempted them yet, and I don’t really understand how important they are to the whole application, or what I should even be telling them! I’m probably overthinking it, but is that something you could talk about?

    1. Amy, thank you so much for your comment and I’m so glad this was helpful!

      I’ll definitely keep your questions in mind for when I release a Part 3 soon! But for now can I ask what course(s) you’re applying for? The personal development questionnaire is something I actually haven’t heard of before (it might be because it’s meant more so for people in the humanities?) so if I can know what you’re applying for then I can help you better and ask my contacts in your field/related field!

      But I can say with confidence that if they are asking questions that would cover what a CV would, in lieu of a CV, then you’ll want to treat this as a snapshot they will use to quickly ascertain your qualifications and your suitability for the course you’re applying for. I don’t work in admissions, but I would say from personal experience that this is not the most important component of your application but rather is important in conjunction with other materials – personal statement, etc. Together, they will make a complete picture of you so the admissions committee can answer their #1 question: Is Amy the perfect fit for this course and our University? Keep your answers succinct and brief while including the necessary, relevant information. Some guidance I’ll be releasing soon on CVs might help.

      So in this sense, I would apply the tips I’ve provided in the first video as well as this one to these questionnaires, thinking about how you can demonstrate perfect fit in each one. I’ll try to address these components more specifically soon!