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Getting accepted to Oxford or Cambridge is only half the battle to eventually attending –
you also need to secure the proper funding.

Every year I receive messages from applicants who were able to get accepted before, but had to turn down their offer because they couldn’t get funding.

I don’t want that to be you.

After going through the admissions process myself at both Oxford & Cambridge, winning full funding at both, there are
6 critical things I wish someone had told me about Oxbridge
funding BEFORE I ever applied:

  • Unlike in the US, postgraduate programmes at Oxford and Cambridge are NOT automatically funded. This means you’ll need to win separate funding on top of your acceptance in order to attend – but it’s been hard to find info on exactly how to do this (before now).
  • There is actually a strategic way to select top college choices on your postgraduate applications that will DRASTICALLY increase your chances of winning funding.
  • Some of the biggest and most prestigious scholarships have due dates in early autumn, before you ever submit your course applications. Knowing about these opportunities and how to put together a strong application for them far ahead of time is crucial to being competitive.
  • Learning how to properly reach out to and be proactive with external funders (your best chances of funding your Oxbridge Master’s or PhD) increases your chances of getting funded.
  • Searching for scholarships takes time. If you get started early on your search (and make it even faster and easier with resources from those who’ve been through this before), you’ll skyrocket your chances of having multiple funding options by the time your acceptance and internal funding results come through. This means less anxiety once you get accepted because you’re not scrambling to secure a funding source at the last minute, like most of us do because we only learn how important funding is until it’s almost too late.
  • There are many hidden scholarship opportunities from Oxbridge that require a separate application and are due at the same time as your course application (usually December or January). If you wait to learn how funding works and look for it until AFTER you’ve submitted or gotten accepted, you’ll have missed out big-time.


The Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course

Streamline Your Search Strategy, Secure Massive Scholarships,
and Fund your Oxbridge Future – Without the Guesswork.

All the insights of a fully-funded Oxbridge insider without the generic or scattered advice.

All the benefits of a structured scholarship approach without missing deadlines on the perfect scholarships for you.

All the funding opportunities you need – and all consolidated in one place.

What would it mean for you to win those scholarships that make all your wildest academic dreams come true, without having to stress over tuition or living costs? To have the freedom to fully dive into your studies and pursue your passion without holding back? To graduate without tens or even hundreds of thousands in student loan debt hanging over your head? What would that mean for your education – and your life?

If you want to attend Oxford or Cambridge for a postgraduate degree next autumn, you’ll need to pay at least £17,000 as a UK citizen or £31,000 as an international student per year in tuition alone.

To avoid the burden of taking out loans to afford it, or even worse, turning down the offer you worked so hard for altogether,
you need a strategy to all but guarantee you win the funding you need to make your dream a reality

Implement the Scholarship Search & Application Process I Used to Win Over £300,000 in Scholarships & Grants

including a prestigious full Clarendon Scholarship from Oxford and a fully-funded Doctoral Training Partnership at Cambridge.

In 2021, I got accepted to PhDs at both Oxford and Cambridge after getting rejected to all 10 PhD programmes I applied to back in 2017 without a single interview.

While I was able to get accepted, initially I was told I didn’t win funding, and I thought my dream was dead.

Through trial and error, I figured out how the Oxbridge funding process works, developed a process to secure multiple low-competition awards from external funders to completely fund my degree, and leveraged cutting edge neuroscience to ultimately win a prestigious full Clarendon Scholarship to attend Oxford along with a full MRC Doctoral Training Programme Studentship at Cambridge, altogether totaling over £300,000 in scholarships and grants.

What would £300,000+ in scholarships mean for you?

What IS the Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course?

The Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course is a comprehensive training course and database filled with on-demand video lessons, tutorials, templates, examples, and tailored scholarship listings that will teach you exactly how the Oxbridge postgraduate funding process works. Learn precisely how to quickly find and apply to the scholarships made for you inside the world’s first Oxbridge postgraduate-specific scholarship database, plus the right mindset to approach it all, and win the funding you need to take up your Oxbridge offer – even after you’ve applied, step-by-step-by-step.

Tailored scholarship strategies

The Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course (OSSC) harnesses proven strategies top fully-funded Oxbridge postgraduates have used to pinpoint the best scholarships for you, at the right time, and with the most effective application techniques. Understanding that not every application will result in a win, it includes a comprehensive, dual-based approach to assemble the right collection of funding opportunities, increasing your overall success rate.

A blueprint for Oxbridge success with no funding ceiling

Once you’re in the OSSC, the process becomes clear and manageable. This course is your roadmap to not just securing a scholarship but maximising your funding potential. Whether it’s £50k, £100k, or more, the OSSC equips you to aim high and achieve your funding goals with confidence.

Save countless hours searching with access to the world’s first Oxbridge postgraduate-specific scholarship database, filterable on over a dozen specific criteria.

What It Isn’t

Generic, One-Size-Fits-All Advice

This course isn’t a collection of vague, generalised advice. The OSSC provides specific, up-to-date strategies to create a funding approach unique to you, no matter your discipline, and a continuously updated database, curated specifically for Oxbridge postgraduate applicants, not a static list of opportunities that hasn’t been updated since 2015. You know your scholarship guide is outdated when it’s still telling you to factor in the cost of postage!

NEW 21 APRIL: You’ll also receive access instructions to a database of 800+ additional postgraduate scholarships!

A High-Pressure, Early-Start Mandate

The OSSC doesn’t insist that your funding search should have begun months before your applications. While starting early is beneficial and highly recommended, the course is designed to help applicants at any stage of their admissions journey, whether you’re still writing your applications or you’ve already been accepted and are now wondering how to fund your degree. Because I know this process is nearly impossible to figure out as an ‘outsider’ and the advice “you should have started earlier” isn’t so helpful when you don’t have a time machine!

Predicated on An Elite Academic Record

It’s time to bust the myth now: winning scholarships to fully fund your Oxbridge Master’s or PhD does NOT solely rely on a ‘perfect’ CV, a stack of publications, or an undergraduate education from a top-tier university! In fact, you don’t need ANY of these to still win scholarships! Instead, the OSSC is about leveraging your unique strengths and experiences to secure scholarships, celebrating diverse academic journeys. Oxbridge is no longer only for rich, elite insiders!

An Overload of Disorganised Information

The OSSC is not an overwhelming information dump of disorganised scholarship advice and guidance. Instead, it offers structured, personalised guidance, with all the step-by-steps and flowcharts you need to never wonder again what you should be doing or where you’re at on your scholarship search. This makes your scholarship process clear, manageable, and adapted to your individual needs. Because I know you’ve already got enough on your plate!

My Name is Claire, and I Turned 10+ Rejection Letters into Two Fully-Funded Oxbridge Scholarships.

My story to fully-funded Oxford and Cambridge graduate scholarships isn’t the classic success story… and I didn’t get here on the first try!

I went from 10+ rejections to fully-funded PhD offers to both Oxford and Cambridge.

When I managed to get accepted in 2021 after four years of rejections, self-doubt, and wondering if I was on the right path, I thought I had finally made it!

Little did I know getting accepted is only half the battle on the way to attending Oxford or Cambridge for graduate school, and reality hit me like a cold splash of water when my department at Oxford informed me I hadn’t won funding.

Oxford was my top-choice programme to do important research into a rare disease my twin sister had suffered from since we were seven years old. I wasn’t an Oxbridge insider, and I didn’t have a perfect CV or stack of publications, so I didn’t have a clue how the funding process worked. But, I was determined to find the funding I needed to realise my Oxbridge dream and make a positive impact in the world.

That’s when I developed a process through trial and error, plus over 100 hours of Google and scholarship database searching, to secure multiple low-competition scholarships from external funders.

And when I combined this with powerful mindset practices informed by cutting-edge neuroscience, I made miracles happen: I won the exact full Clarendon Scholarship I had been visualising for months over my scholarship search!

And that wasn’t even the craziest part. I had to end up turning down a highly sought-after full Doctoral Training Programme studentship at Cambridge!

My name is Claire Bergstrom Johnson. I’m a third-year DPhil student studying Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford, I’m the CEO and Founder of Oxbridge Admissions Club, and I’m the creator of the Oxbridge Application Accelerator Toolkit and Interview Mastery Programme – courses that have affordably taught applicants from over 66 countries around the world, across all disciplines and walks of life, how to get accepted to their dream Master’s and PhD programmes at Oxford and Cambridge.

I didn’t get into Oxbridge on the first try – nor did I win funding right away like many of my peers. Instead, I figured out the wrong way to do it all, so now I can teach you the right way to do it! The Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course contains that “right way” when it comes to scholarships and funding. And all without the mistakes, guesswork, anxiety, and rejections I had to go through.

Here’s Why You’ve Been Stuck

If You’re Wondering:
  • why your extensive scholarship search still isn’t yielding results, even though you’ve followed all the advice out there to the letter
  • why focusing on high-value scholarships only results in rejection letters, despite the common chase for these ‘big wins’
  • why your scholarship essays don’t seem to stand out, even though you’re sharing your unique experiences and achievements
  • how you can possibly win scholarships as an international student, when there are already strict nationality quotas
  • why starting your scholarship search post-accceptance just feels like you’re always playing catch-up – and that you missed out on some “inside information” you were somehow supposed to already know
  • how your academic achievements were good enough to get into Oxford or Cambridge, but still aren’t winning you the scholarships you need

You’ve stumbled across the mistakes that the vast majority of Oxbridge postgraduate applicants (and would-be applicants) are making:

The strategies, insights, and advice they’re relying on are outdated, misinformed, or are just plain wrong because they most often come from sources that haven’t been through this process recently, or ever.

And if you can’t even find relevant scholarships to begin with, how are you supposed to submit a winning application?

Many Oxbridge postgraduate applicants are relying on tactics that are vague and overgeneralised, often being told by universities to just “figure it out” or give up their spots!

The Truth About Oxbridge Postgraduate Funding

I’ve been through the admissions process not once, but twice, and I can tell you one thing for sure: if you are the right fit for a scholarship and are good enough to get accepted to Oxford or Cambridge, you can win those scholarships – and you can win big. If you aren’t winning scholarships, especially from external funders, it rarely has anything to do with your competitiveness, potential, or merit – it’s either your messaging in your applications or your funding search strategy that’s broken. This course fixes both.

What Makes the OSSC Different?


Oxbridge-Specific Insights from a Current, Fully-Funded PhD Student

Very few people in the world have won two fully-funded scholarships to both Oxford AND Cambridge, and no one in the world has EVER won both a Clarendon and Doctoral Training Programme Studentship between the two. I’ve been through this process recently, I know it well, and inside this course I equip you with the basic Oxbridge funding knowledge and strategies, as well as those that are just plain difficult to come by unless you’ve done this yourself before.


Comprehensive & Up-to-Date Database

You know those crappy databases scattered all over the internet that STILL serve you scholarships for engineers when you already told it you’re studying sociology, or make you think you’re the perfect fit, only to find out after 30 minutes of combing through the application instructions that you already had to apply a year ago? Yeah, I got sick of them too. That’s why I’ve created the world’s first Oxbridge postgraduate-specific scholarship database with nearly 200 scholarships and counting, easily filterable on 17 distinct criteria so you can quickly find what’s the perfect fit and filter out the rest.

BRAND NEW 21 APRIL: You’ll also receive access instructions to an extra database of 800+ additional postgraduate scholarships!


Strategic, step-by-step approaches for a variety of situations

Whether you’ve managed to secure a few small scholarships so far, haven’t managed to win any, or even won a full scholarship, my easy-to-follow flowcharts and step-by-steps ensure you are never confused about a tailored, customised search strategy for your unique situation and funding needs.


Practical Templates & Examples

Besides finding the right scholarships, I know a huge time-suck in the scholarship search process can be crafting outreach emails from scratch. That’s why I include 4 bonus outreach email templates to the key contact points needed to truly find ALL of your potential funding options, including those unadvertised opportunities that can uncover huge returns. Plus, I not only teach you the key foundational principles for writing powerful scholarship personal statements, but I also show you how to implement these principles inside my own winning Cambridge Trust Scholarship personal statement.


Powerful Mindset Techniques Informed by Neuroscience

While most scholarship guides barely scratch the surface, delivering advice that is overgeneralised and focused purely on practical application strategies, the OSSC also delves deep into the neuroscience of success that I leveraged to win my full scholarships, equipping you with mindset strategies that typical guides overlook. This is about giving you an insider edge, transforming not just how you apply, but how you think about it – setting you apart in a game where mindset is everything.



Introduction to Oxbridge Funding
(4 lessons)

If you’re feeling confused, wondering how the competitive world of Oxbridge postgraduate funding even works, my simple introduction in Module 1 is for you. You’ll learn:

  • The step-by-step timeline of the Oxbridge funding process only insiders know, laid out simply – finally!
  • Critical things to know about how funding works that will maximise your scholarship opportunities, whether you’ve already gotten a decision or haven’t even applied yet (this one key hack would have changed EVERYTHING for me!)
  • When the funding game is TRULY over (and when to keep hope)
  • The crucial differences between internal and external scholarships
  • Exactly how to be a competitive applicant

This will ensure you don’t miss key funding opportunities or waste time stressing over whether you stack up against the competition.

You’ll also learn my cutting-edge neuroscientific mindset hacks I used to win my full Clarendon Scholarship to transform the way you approach your scholarship search (and pretty much any large goal in your life!).


How to Find the Perfect Scholarships
(8 lessons)

Want to avoid feeling lost in the search for Oxbridge scholarships? You’ll love Module 2. You’ll learn:

  • A dual-approach strategy with easy-to-follow flowcharts to target both broad-based and niche funding opportunities, and which is the right approach for you
  • The skills to navigate the complex web of university-specific funding
  • A step-by-step flowchart and in-depth tutorial for searching all external funding sources, including unadvertised opportunities with less competition
  • A walk-through of how to use my exclusive scholarship database to quickly and easily find scholarships tailor-made for you
  • How to make the right inquiries with potential funders
  • Clever strategies to search smarter – not harder

These lessons will provide you with a step-by-step, proven scholarship search process to follow so you won’t miss out on lesser-known funding sources. You’ll also save dozens of hours searching and open doors to scholarships that many applicants never find.


How to Apply for Scholarships
(7 lessons)

Module 3 is all about how to apply for funding. Inside this module, you will learn:

  • The purpose of personal statements for scholarships and what scholarship committees are actually looking for, ensuring your efforts are worthwhile and leave a lasting, positive impression
  • A clever pre-writing exercise to bring clarity to your writing and enthral your reviewers
  • A step-by-step walk-through of the personal statement writing process to transform writing from overwhelming to achievable and manageable
  • Common personal statement mistakes to avoid to ensure unclear or unfocused applications won’t hold you back
  • A clear demonstration of how to implement the personal statement writing principles with a walk-through of my own successful Cambridge Trust Scholarship personal statement
  • How to prepare meticulous financial statements, including what to do (and NOT do) in order to maximise the amount of funding you win from each source
  • How to secure strong references, the right (and WRONG) references to ask, and exactly how to ask them to maximise the chances they say yes (and provide you with a killer recommendation)


Advanced Techniques & Putting It All Together
(3 lessons)

Learning how to identify and prioritise the scholarships best suited for you and how to customise your applications is important so that you can showcase your strengths to scholarship committees, especially for international students. That’s where Module 4’s advanced techniques and step-by-steps come in. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify and prioritise scholarships that you have a high chance of winning in step-by-step fashion so that your efforts are well spent from the get-go
  • How to stand out as an international student and leverage your experience as a “global scholar” to overcome increased competition
  • ALL of your other potential funding sources so you can make informed decisions and not overlook any funding opportunities


Next Steps & FAQs
(2 lessons)

Module 5 ensures you’re not forgetting ANYTHING before you submit your applications, and I offer my own personalised “coaching” with a final encouraging word and reminder of when the scholarships game is truly over.

You’ll also get access to a live FAQs list inside this module, along with answers to some of the most common scholarship questions I get to ensure you’re not left with any lingering doubts.

Have a question that’s not on there yet? I’ll add it!

Lifetime Access to the World’s First Oxbridge-Specific Postgraduate Funding Database

If you’re overwhelmed by the endless search for scholarships scattered all across the internet, you’ll love my scholarship search tool, the world’s first integrated Oxbridge postgraduate scholarship database you’ll get lifetime access to with this course. You’ll learn how to easily and effectively filter scholarships based on over a dozen specific criteria, which saves you countless hours of searching. This means you won’t miss crucial deadlines or overlook scholarships that could be your perfect match.

BRAND NEW 21 APRIL: You’ll also receive access instructions to an extra database of 800+ additional postgraduate scholarships!

Note: While we strive to provide as many Oxbridge-specific scholarships as possible that are still open for you inside the database, as scholarship deadlines are constantly coming and going, and the diversity of applicants is vast, the database is meant to supplement the course and we cannot guarantee the presence of any one particular scholarship that you are eligible for that is still open when you choose to purchase the course. However, regardless of what you find inside the database at any given point in time, the core course will equip you well to find the perfect scholarships for you.

Example of a Winning Cambridge Trust Scholarship Personal Statement

If you’re worried about crafting a compelling statement of purpose for your funding applications, you’ll love this. You’ll see exactly how to apply the personal statement writing principles I teach with a step-by-step walk-through so that your application truly reflects your potential. This means you won’t struggle with the uncertainty of how to begin or what to include, significantly boosting your chances of making a strong impression.

Person Holding Blue Ballpoint Pen Writing in Notebook

And because I love to throw in a few extra juicy bonuses, you’ll also get access to:

Faceless woman using laptop while sitting on bed

4 Bonus Outreach Email Templates

Learning how to initiate contact with funders, departments, supervisors, and recommenders is crucial for a successful scholarship application. That’s where my bonus email outreach templates come in. You’ll get example emails that will guide your outreach, ensuring your communication is effective and leaves a positive impression. This will ensure you won’t face the common hurdle of crafting emails from scratch, wasting time and potentially missing key elements that can make or break your funding opportunities.

Scholarship Application & Funder Outreach Deadline Tracker Spreadsheet

If you’re dreading the chaos of tracking scholarship deadlines and applications, then this bonus spreadsheet tracker will be a lifesaver. You’ll learn to systematically organise your scholarship efforts so that you can approach each deadline with calm and precision. And this means you won’t miss crucial opportunities or get overwhelmed by the complexity of managing multiple applications, because I personally know how overwhelming and challenging that can be!

So… what’s all this worth?

EVERYTHING you need to know to find, apply for, and win the scholarships you need to fund your Oxbridge course: £747

Access to the world’s first continuously-updated Oxbridge postgraduate scholarship database, filterable on 17 distinct criteria: £397

Examples and templates to supercharge and streamline your search and application process: £155

My own scholarship application and funder outreach tracker spreadsheet to easily organise it all: £57

Lifetime access to the course and database, including all future programme additions: invaluable

Total: £1,356

But that’s not what you’ll pay…

regular enrolment
value of the course:




  • 5-module course with 24 video lessons
  • Continuously updated postgraduate funding database
  • Live FAQs list with answers
  • Winning personal statement example
  • BONUS 4 outreach email templates
  • BONUS application & outreach tracker spreadsheet
value of the course:




i don’t offer this price *anywhere* else!
  • 5-module course with 24 video lessons
  • Continuously updated postgraduate funding database
  • Live FAQs list with answers
  • Winning personal statement example
  • BONUS 4 outreach email templates
  • BONUS application & outreach tracker spreadsheet

Hear From Some of My Past Students…

Whether it’s applications, interviews, or scholarships,
I’m obsessed with ensuring your success!


Yes, the course is designed with international students in mind. Despite common misconceptions, there are numerous scholarships specifically for international applicants, and the course strategies help to identify and apply for these less competitive, yet generous, funding sources.

Not necessarily. While a strong academic record can be beneficial, the OSSC focuses on how to leverage your unique strengths and experiences in the application process. I teach you how to present the best version of yourself, no matter your grades, experience, or publication track record.

Yes, you really can! But it’s important to act fast. Even in June, yes, many deadlines have already passed, but the scholarships game is still far from over. With the tips, strategies, and resources I share inside this course and my database, you will still be able to find scholarships now and even well into your time at Oxbridge to continue funding your studies, no matter your circumstances. And yes, there are a few excellent scholarships inside my database I can’t wait to share with you that don’t have due dates until June or July!

Yes it does! I designed all of the advice inside this course to apply to both Master’s AND PhD applicants, whether your postgraduate course of choice is taught, research-based, or a mixture of both because the scholarship process for either doesn’t really differ. I also include plenty of scholarships for both Master’s and PhD applicants, which you can filter on inside the scholarship database.

Yes – no matter your discipline, this course will truly work for you. Not only do I include scholarships across the social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences and public health, economics and public policy, humanities, mathematics, engineering and computer science, physical sciences, business, and law separated into separate tabs in the scholarship database so they’re easy to find, but also all the advice I include inside this course applies to every postgraduate applicant, regardless of your discipline. And that’s because your overall scholarship search and application approach will generally be the same, no matter your discipline. There are some extra details relevant to those in the sciences like research proposals, which I do go over briefly, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get more in-depth information on this if you’d like in a separate add-on so that you only pay for what you need with this course.

Yes. There are TONS of scholarships available that are merit-based, so they will award the scholarship to you regardless of your nationality if you’re deemed the best applicant – and how to demonstrate that in an application is just one of the things I teach you how to do inside this course.

There are also lots of nationality, discipline, hobby, and even more niche-specific scholarships which I teach you how to find inside this course, with some already listed inside my database. Altogether, this covers all your bases so especially if you’ve already been accepted to Oxford or Cambridge, you can win a scholarship, regardless of where you come from. And in fact, if you come from a country that is historically underrepresented at Oxbridge, you can have an even easier time finding scholarships! And I teach you all about that inside the OSSC.

Absolutely. The principles taught inside the course will help you greatly, no matter where in the world you’re conducting your scholarship search or where you will ultimately attend university. While some of the listings inside the database will be irrelevant to you if you won’t be attending Oxbridge, there are still plenty in there that aren’t only tenable at Oxford or Cambridge.

The database lives in a Google Sheet for now, separated into tabs for pretty much every discipline you could think of and filterable on 17 different search criteria including deadlines, amounts, special eligibility criteria, nationality, any college selection requirements, and more, along with a link for more application information for each. I’m adding new scholarships to this all the time as I continue to find more and more for you, but at the time of writing there are over 150 scholarships in there, including about 50 that are open to any discipline. I’ve combed some of the most popular scholarship databases to put this together, including Oxford’s and Cambridge’s own scholarship listings, as well as harder-to-access databases like the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding’s honestly very outdated and hard-to-filter database so that you can confidently access this ONE resource I’ve put together to find many, if not most, of the scholarships that are open and you’re eligible for RIGHT NOW.

Though this may change in the future, right now I don’t offer the database separately. That’s because finding scholarships is only half the battle – in order to actually win them, you need to know how to reach out to funders, how to craft a compelling application, and what to expect surrounding the whole process so that you make the best decisions for you at every step of the way and don’t get stuck wasting time without clear advice. I want exceptional results for ALL of my students, and that’s why I bundle my in-depth video lessons and bonuses together with this database for the Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course.

BRAND NEW 21 APRIL: You’ll also receive access instructions to an extra database of 800+ additional postgraduate scholarships!

As mentioned above, while we strive to provide as many Oxbridge-specific scholarships as possible that are still open for you inside the database, as scholarship deadlines are constantly coming and going, and the diversity of applicants is vast, the database is meant to supplement the course and we cannot guarantee the presence of any one particular scholarship that you are eligible for that is still open when you choose to purchase the course. However, regardless of what you find inside the database at any given point in time, the core course will equip you well to find the perfect scholarships for you. Therefore, we do not offer refunds if you are dissatisfied with the database selection.

With the OSSC, the situation is much the same as “give a man a fish, feed him for a day/teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” We don’t want to only “give a man a fish” by only offering a scholarship database or making that the main feature of the course – we would then only give you some scholarships you could apply to, without the know-how needed to effectively apply and win them! Instead, we want to “teach a man to fish” – so you can find and apply for the right scholarships for you for a lifetime.

Many scholarships do unfortunately have stipulations that you must study full-time, but not all of them do – in the eligibility criteria column of the database I list this in most instances. The strategies inside the course will also still help you to find scholarships you’re eligible for, even as a part-time student, regardless of the database contents.

I’m glad you asked! I include a written transcript under each of the video lessons so that whether you prefer to watch or read, or a mixture of both, I’ve got you covered.

At this time, I don’t offer a payment plan for this fast-action price of £127. However, you will be able to pay for the regular price of the course in three monthly instalments of £57 each after this fast-action price goes away, or, for people located in the UK, the regular price of the course can be split into 4 interest-free payments with Clearpay at checkout. Some credit cards also allow you to split charges above a certain threshold into monthly payments – again, I recommend checking if this is an option for you, if £127 upfront is a big concern. And finally, I also recommend sharing this page and/or my free training with a family member if they’re potentially able to help you out with the price but need some convincing!

I understand that students, especially those from low-/middle-income countries, often face significant financial challenges, especially when it comes to exchange rates. While I strive to make the Oxbridge Scholarship Success Course as accessible as possible, I don’t currently offer specific discounts beyond those already included during the fast-action enrolment period.

However, I provide an option to pay the course fee in three instalments of £57 each during the regular enrolment period shortly following the conclusion of the fast-action enrolment. This payment plan is tailored to make the course more financially manageable and ensure that every aspiring student can pursue their dream of studying at Oxford or Cambridge.

Additionally, I am able to offer Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay as well as payment plans through PayPal to students in select areas of the world during both fast-action and regular enrolment – I recommend seeing at checkout below if you’re eligible for this. Some credit cards also allow you to split charges above a certain threshold into monthly payments – again, I recommend checking if this is an option for you, if £127 upfront is a big concern. And finally, I also recommend sharing this page and/or my free training with a family member if they’re potentially able to help you out with the price but need some convincing!

While much of the advice inside will be helpful on your scholarship search no matter your level of study, and in fact I used many of the principles inside to win scholarships during my Bachelor’s degree, the scholarship database only lists scholarships for Master’s and PhD applicants.

Who is the OSSC for?


  • Aspiring Oxbridge Master’s and PhD students who are currently navigating the application and funding process
  • Accepted Oxbridge applicants who haven’t secured full funding and are looking for viable scholarship options
  • Accepted Oxbridge applicants who HAVE secured a “full” award but want to live more comfortably in Oxford or Cambridge with some additional, smaller “top-up” awards
  • UK & international applicants seeking to understand and leverage all the funding opportunities available to them
  • Students seeking a strategic approach to scholarship applications, wanting a clear roadmap so they leave no stone unturned
  • Mature or second-degree students who are exploring scholarships tailored to their unique educational journeys
  • Applicants who are tired of wasting time on inaccurate, outdated scholarship databases not tailored to Oxbridge specifically
  • Students who take initiative and realise their educational future is in their own hands


  • Applicants for undergraduate admissions
  • Applicants looking for a quick fix or a guaranteed full-ride scholarship with minimal effort
  • People who are only interested in the database – while this is provided as a bonus to help you on your search, it is not exhaustive, and searching using the strategies inside the course will still be necessary in most cases
  • Those unwilling to invest some time and effort into the scholarship application process
  • Applicants expecting personalised, one-on-one coaching throughout the entire scholarship journey (while the course offers guidance, it’s primarily a self-driven learning experience)
  • People who allow one rejection to derail them and cause them to give up
  • Incoming Oxbridge students who would rather take on thousands in student loan debt
  • Students who do not want the extra financial means to go out with friends, attend balls, and travel while studying at Oxford or Cambridge

My Goal for You

Could you secure over £300,000 in scholarships and grants to fully fund your Oxbridge course (and then some) like I did? Absolutely—there’s every reason to believe you can. But I understand if the thought of winning enough scholarships just to cover tuition and fees alone seems too big to wrap your head around right now. (It certainly would have been for me before I developed my approach!)

Of course, I can’t make any guarantees about the exact amount of funding you’ll secure. I can equip you with all the knowledge, strategies, and support, but ultimately, it’s your responsibility to put these into action. However, my aim is for you to be successful — I GAUGE MY SUCCESS BY YOURS. So, my personal goal for you is to not only find enough scholarships to significantly reduce your financial burden but to ideally cover at least one full year of tuition. And remember, you can always keep applying for scholarships once you get to Oxford or Cambridge using the lessons inside the course!

So, where would at least £17,000 in scholarships put you?

This course is your gateway to understanding and navigating the scholarship landscape effectively. I want you to start envisioning a future where financial stress about your education is a thing of the past. Imagine looking back and realising how the investment in the OSSC was minuscule compared to the funding and opportunities it unlocked for you.

I want you to achieve immense, joyous, and well-earned success in your academic journey to Oxbridge and beyond.