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meet claire

student // neuroimmunologist // educator

Oxford DPhil Candidate, Clarendon Scholar, & Winner of Fully-Funded PhDs at Oxford & Cambridge.

Hi there! I’m Claire, a third-year DPhil (PhD) candidate studying Clinical Neurosciences at Oxford University. My academic journey has been anything but conventional.

I first dipped my toes into the world of grad school applications in 2017, aiming to research my twin sister Maegan’s rare autoimmune disease. Despite graduating magna cum laude from a global top 30 university, I faced dozens of rejections that left me questioning my path. It wasn’t until my second round of applications in 2020, armed with lessons from my failures, that I secured acceptance offers from both Oxford and Cambridge, eventually landing a full Clarendon Scholarship to study at Oxford along with a fully-funded Doctoral Training Partnership offer at Cambridge.

Through my highs and lows, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the Oxbridge application process – knowledge I’m eager to share with you now. I’ve created this graduate interview preparation checklist to help you navigate the complexities of interviewing for Master’s and PhD programmes at some of the world’s top institutions. It’s the exact checklist I wish I had during my own application and interviewing journey, and I’m confident it will serve you well!

Let’s turn your academic dreams into reality!