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Secret #1:

How to Win £100k+ in Oxbridge Scholarships – Even AFTER You’ve Applied (Or Gotten Accepted!)

Think it’s too late to find and win scholarships after you’ve applied to Oxbridge? Think again! In the first secret of our free training, I debunk the common myth that scholarship opportunities dry up post-application and what you should be doing instead to win the funding you need – even without a perfect CV or grades.

Secret #2:

How to Turn Your International Student Status into an Advantage – With Less Competition

Did you know that being an international student doesn’t necessarily mean facing more competition for scholarships? Here’s the truth on what being an international student means for your scholarship chances, and how to find the scholarships that will ensure you face lower competition, regardless of your nationality.

Secret #3:

No Debt, No Job, & No Giant Scholarship: The Little-Known Alternative to Funding Your Studies in Full

You don’t need to resort to a part-time job to support your Oxbridge postgraduate studies if you didn’t win a “full” scholarship. And you definitely don’t need to take on thousands in student loans! I teach you the secret, little-known strategy Oxbridge themselves use to fully fund their students, and how you can use it, too.