Get 11 of my best oxbridge Postgraduate admissions resources for just £11!

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This bundle will help you…

  • Choose the best programmes & supervisors to maximise your chances of acceptance
  • Find full funding for your course
  • Secure meetings with your dream supervisors
  • Deal with overwhelm & stop feeling like an outsider
  • Identify your unique selling point (USP)
  • Keep track of all of your application requirements & deadlines, all in one place
  • Utilise the best tools for spellcheck, time management, productivity, & more to submit on time
  • Incorporate every element needed for an Oxbridge-worthy personal statement

… and so much more!

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If you need to get organised fast & don’t know where to start, focus on these tools…

Masterclass Training Video #1

Your Oxbridge Application Timeline Checklist

The Ultimate Application Tracker Spreadsheet

Answers to Common Oxbridge Postgraduate Application Questions

Common Application Pitfalls & Mistakes to Avoid

If you need to secure a potential supervisor, focus on these trainings…

Masterclass Training Video #1

Masterclass Training Video #2

20 Must-Ask Question Ideas for Your Potential Supervisor

If you need to find full funding for your course, focus on these tools…

How to Fund Your Postgraduate Degree at Oxbridge

Masterclass Training Video #2

The Ultimate Oxbridge-Ready Personal Statement Checklist

Want to polish your application & ensure it’s Oxbridge-ready? Focus on these resources…

The Ultimate Oxbridge-Ready Personal Statement Checklist

Masterclass Training Video #3

Exclusive List of 50+ Oxbridge Postgrad Applicant Resources

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What’s included?

1. Get Accepted This Year: Masterclass Training #1

Over 40 minutes of little-known strategies employed by successful applicants to choose the programmes & supervisors that will maximise your chances of acceptance this year – these are the hacks Oxbridge admissions don’t want you to know! £27 Today Only: £1!

2. Get Accepted This Year: Masterclass Training #2

Into the nitty-gritty of exactly how to reach out to & secure meetings with your dream Oxbridge supervisors, plus the lowdown on winning funding at Oxbridge! £27 Today Only: £1!

3. Get Accepted This Year: Masterclass Training #3

Wondering how to truly stand out amongst a sea of stellar applicants? Watch this for a simple yet incredibly effective approach to identifying exactly what to highlight in your application! £27 Today Only: £1!

4. Application Timeline Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed with the application process? In this cheat sheet checklist, I outline all of the application activities you need to complete, & exactly WHEN to complete them so you can be confident you’re not missing a thing when you hit ‘submit’! £7 Today Only: £1!

5. Application Tracker Spreadsheet

Download the EXACT spreadsheet I used to keep track of all of my graduate applications, including my successful Oxford & Cambridge applications! Keep all of your deadlines & requirements in one place to stay organised & easily see which applications you can adapt personal statements from one another. £7 Today Only: £1!

6. Exclusive List of 50+ Oxbridge Postgrad Applicant Resources

From writing & editing to research, mindfulness, networking, & more, this Oxbridge Admissions Club exclusive resource list is guaranteed to help you supercharge your application efficiency & your well-being through the process! £17 Today Only: £1!

7. How to Fund Your Postgraduate Degree at Oxbridge

This digital guide lists some of the best internal & external scholarships to fund your postgraduate course at Oxbridge, including little-known scholarships! Plus, 8 secret hacks to find low-competition, high-reward scholarships – exactly what I used to secure full funding. £17 Today Only: £1!

8. The Ultimate Oxbridge-Ready Personal Statement Checklist

This downloadable checklist includes every essential element needed to make your personal statements Oxbridge-worthy so you can do an easy, final sanity-check before hitting ‘submit.’ £7 Today Only: £1!

9. 20 Must-Ask Questions for Your Potential Supervisor

I went from working in some of the most toxic research groups in academia to finding one of the most intellectually enriching, compassionate, and fast-growing labs at Oxford. Asking these essential questions is how I did it (& avoided the red flags)! £11 Today Only: £1!

10. Answers to Common Oxbridge Postgraduate Application Questions

Available exclusively for Black Friday, this comprehensive, regularly updated list of FAQs will answer all of your most common questions about applying to Oxbridge that only an insider can answer! £7 Today Only: £1!

11. Common Application Pitfalls & Mistakes to Avoid

This quick-reference guide is YEARS of wisdom from 10+ PhD rejections, distilled into a comprehensive list of common pitfalls & mistakes so you can avoid them and get accepted the first time! £17 Today Only: £1!

Will this work for me?

This bundle will work best for individuals who belong to all three of the following categories. If all three of these apply to you, this will be a great fit for you!

Applicants to Postgraduate Programmes

Applicants to Top UK Universities (including Oxford & Cambridge)

Applicants Who Graduated in The Top 10% of Their Class with Their Most Recent Degree

Still unsure? Here are some specific courses that have used this bundle and seen great results!

  • PhD Clinical Neurosciences, Cambridge
  • MSt Practical Ethics, Oxford
  • PhD Physics, Cambridge
  • DPhil Neurosciences, Oxford
  • DPhil Clinical Neurosciences, Oxford
  • Wellcome Trust PhD Neuro-Immune Interactions in Health & Disease, King’s College London
  • DPhil English, Oxford
  • MSc Clinical & Therapeutic Neurosciences, Oxford
  • DPhil Environmental Science, Oxford
  • Wellcome Trust MRes + PhD Stem Cell Biology, Cambridge
  • Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership, Cambridge
  • Wellcome Trust PhD Translational Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh
  • PhD Economics, LSE
  • MPhil International Relations, Cambridge
  • DPhil Particle Physics, Oxford
  • MPhil Clinical Neurosciences, Cambridge
  • MSc Computer Science, Oxford
  • DPhil Experimental Psychology, Oxford
  • UCL-Birkbeck Medical Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership

… and many more!

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hey, I’m Claire! 👋

My story to Oxford & Cambridge acceptance isn’t the classic success story… and I didn’t get here on the first try!

I went from 10+ rejections to fully-funded PhD offers to both Oxford & Cambridge.

And now, I’m living my dream as a fully-funded Clarendon Scholar & DPhil candidate at Oxford.

When I applied for PhDs after graduating with my Bachelor’s in 2017, I had done everything I was told I needed to do to get into a top graduate programme:

  • I got good grades,
  • I graduated with honours from a top 30 global university,
  • And I loaded up on extra-curriculars & leadership experiences.

I had a compelling reason to apply – curing my twin sister’s rare autoimmune neurological disease – and had been driven by it since I was young.

Problem was, I had no idea that I had no idea what I was doing!

I thought I knew what universities like Oxford & Cambridge wanted in an applicant, but boy, was I wrong. This mistake cost me big-time.

*Cue the never-ending anxiety, a steady stream of rejections, and ultimately, believing my dream was dead.*

When I decided to gather the courage and try again in 2020, I knew my approach had to change – I was going to compete with the most competitive applicant pool in history off the COVID-19 pandemic, after all!

This different approach changed EVERYTHING for me – I went from 10+ rejections without a single interview to having to decline interview invites because I just couldn’t handle them all!

The craziest part? Ultimately I had to turn down a fully-funded DTP at Cambridge in favour of my Clarendon at Oxford.

^^ proof of acceptance ^^

Now what was this different approach, you ask?

Honestly, a lot of trial and error, patience and persistence, and having the opportunity to learn from a successful predecessor.

But since she had only gotten into top US programmes, I was still left doing a lot of guessing with my Oxbridge applications.

All in all, my path to Oxbridge had a lot of ups and downs.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to do this on your own like I did.

You don’t have to be left guessing or facing years and dozens of rejections to get that acceptance letter you so desperately want (& deserve!).

This 9 11 resources for £9 bundle contains the EXACT strategies and systems that I used to secure fully-funded offers to both Oxford & Cambridge.

All for just £9 total!

Just click the button below to unlock instant access.

Want a sneak preview?

Below I give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s in this bundle!

Dozens of students LOVE this resource bundle!

Here’s what a few have to say… 👇👇👇

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this bundle work for both Master’s and PhD applicants?

A: Yes! I designed all of the advice inside this bundle to be applicable to both Master’s AND PhD students, whether your postgraduate course of choice is taught, research-based, or a mixture of both.

Q: Will this bundle work for any discipline?

A: For most disciplines, yes! It’s not only for those in STEM fields because the tools and strategies inside the bundle are designed to be widely applicable to almost any application. However, as I answer below, I don’t have expertise in professional postgraduate courses like those in business, law, or medicine (ie, graduate-entry medical school). In these cases, I can’t say whether this bundle will be as effective for you.

Q: Will this bundle work for other UK universities besides Oxbridge?

A: Yes! While this bundle is particularly geared towards Oxbridge applicants due to the hyper-competitive nature of admissions as well as unique aspects of the admissions process not found elsewhere, I followed the exact same strategies contained in this bundle to secure interviews and acceptances not only to Oxford and Cambridge, but also to top funded graduate programmes across the UK. This includes King’s College London (KCL), University College London (UCL), and The University of Edinburgh. Previous students have used the information inside this bundle to successfully apply to the London School of Economics (LSE), UCL, and more!

Q: Will this bundle work for US graduate school applications?

A: While much of the information and strategies contained in this bundle will have wide applicability to any graduate application, it is not designed for the admissions process in the US, which, importantly, is distinct from UK postgraduate admissions. Therefore, this bundle won’t be as effective for applicants only applying to US universities for graduate school.

Q: Do I have to have graduated with top grades for this bundle to work for me?

A: While it’s important to have excellent grades from your Bachelor’s (and, if applicable, your most recent postgraduate degree) in order to maximise your chances of acceptance, it’s not always necessary to have achieved greater than the minimum grades usually required for Oxbridge postgraduate courses. This is typically at least 2:1 honours, 3.5 GPA, or equivalent in your Bachelor’s degree.

If you have not achieved these grades in your Bachelor’s degree, this bundle will not work for you.

If you have achieved these minimum grades in your Bachelor’s, but they barely make the cut or they’re still low enough that you’re worried about competitiveness (lower than approximately a 3.8 GPA), this bundle will be able to help you greatly to make your application more competitive. In the case of barely qualifying undergraduate grades, I would also encourage you to check out this reel I made discussing ways you can further boost your competitiveness.

Q: I’m an international student, will this bundle work for me?

A: Yes! I myself am an international student, and this bundle contains the exact strategies I used to secure my Oxbridge acceptances. While the application process is not any different for international students vs home students (besides English language qualification tests in the case that your native language is not English or your most recent degree was not taught in English), it can be more competitive to win funding for international students. I take this into account when helping you craft a competitive application inside the bundle.

Q: This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

A: There is no catch! I want to see more qualified applicants from around the world succeed in securing acceptances to postgraduate programmes at Oxbridge no matter where they’re from, but I know not everyone has thousands to spend on admissions coaching, so that’s where this bundle will help you.

Q: I’m an undergraduate student still and I’m not ready to apply yet. Will this bundle still help me?

A: It’s great you want to get an early start and I commend you for that! While the contents of the bundle will not be immediately applicable to you, of course, it will be greatly helpful when you are ready to apply to already know what to expect for your application. In addition, this bundle will help you begin to think about what you need in order to be competitive when it comes time to apply – such as having relevant experience. So, this bundle will still work for you if you’re still an undergraduate and not yet in your final year.

Q: I’m a professional and have been out of school for a while but want to go back to get a postgraduate degree at Oxbridge. Will this bundle work for me?

A: Yes! This bundle is designed for undergraduates in their final year, current Master’s students, new graduates, and working professionals alike. Personally, I had been a working professional for three years before successfully getting admitted to Oxbridge. Relevant work experience will only help you with your application!

Q: I’m applying to a postgraduate course in law, business, or medicine (graduate entry). Will this bundle work for me?

A: As I don’t have expertise in professional postgraduate courses like those in business, law, or medicine (ie, graduate-entry medical school), I can’t say whether this bundle will be as effective for you.

Q: Will this bundle work for undergraduate admissions at Oxbridge?

A: No, undergraduate admissions is very different at Oxbridge and I do not have any expertise in this, so the bundle will not work for undergraduate admissions at Oxbridge. I do not offer any advice on undergraduate admissions at Oxbridge at this time (though this could change in the future!).

Q: How long do I get access to these tools/resources/trainings?

A: You’ll get lifetime access + all future resource/training updates.

Q: How long does it take to go through each resource?

A: This will depend on the nature of the resource, but it will be easy to go through the entire bundle in one afternoon. Of course, the masterclass trainings will take more time to go through (each of them ranges from about 20 minutes to a little over 40 minutes) than the personal statement checklist, for example. Each tool/resource will take, on average, about 15-30 minutes to read/learn/watch and about 30-60 minutes to implement. Everything is recorded or in print (nothing is live), so you’ll be able to work at your own pace!

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